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Out of Stock - Accepting preorders - Only ships within New Zealand
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I was born in and grew up in Christchurch. I went to primary and secondary school in the city and excelled in English, debating and writing. I enjoyed my days at the school theatre and around the central city. Midway through my education, the two disastrous Earthquakes hit the city, I was then forced to study in half a school and endure hearing the single worst word in English repeated multiple times a day, 'liquefaction'. 
After enjoying the humanities throughout my education, I took the logical next step and took it upon myself to train as a Mechatronics Engineer at the University of Canterbury. A degree that I would describe as "rewarding but the academic equivalent of taking on a freight train." However, my love for magnets pulled me over the finish line.
While I was completing my degree I thought that I had too much spare time. So I and a few friends created a great drink, a bit of branding and a business plan. From this Ball & Cue was formed. The company made a small splash around Christchurch with many people loving the product. At this point, the other business partners walked away as the venture was not for them. I, however, had a vision.
What's the big problem with the Modern Company? Its that it's faceless, emotionless and doesn't feel accountable for its actions. It's tragic that people hardly know the name of a restaurant owner that they eat at, let alone having a connection to any of these massive companies which impact our lives. So I hope to present Ball & Cue with my face, I'm out there and it's my reputation. I hope people feel like they can talk to me and engage with me and I'm going to keep working to produce great products sold with great service that people want to buy.

- William Fulton